At the beginning of 1918, the great grandmother Garda Margherita , from Colorado wherenshe was leaving, started with order of building of this home Just became widow ,she decided to give up the saloom, managed from herself, to come back in Italy , with the kids : Ciack (18 old ) e the Lina (10 old) We due just to Ciack, the grandfather, the name of our home.
Upon returned to the village, he resumed contact with relatives and old family friends, he was a young man with jovial charater , playing violin and talking about american life , and his adventure on the colorado mountains , in a short time everyone in the village was enjoed to spend some fun time with him , in that occasion he met a very good and sweet wine : the passito , so when someone asked “do you want something to drink with us ? always the answer was been“yes thank you a glass of passito and nothing else So the village named Ciak “ PASSITO Several years later , he told me the same stories , as fables , i remember long winters , set to the fireplace , his voice , like a lullaby and in the memory of him , we kept this name for our b&b , because it s seam the only thing right to do.

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